Social Emotional Learning Parent Discussion

Social Emotional Learning Parent Discussion

We would like to let you know that we have extended our Social Emotional Learning Parent Discussion through the CASEL format. This has been a great experience for parents and teachers alike! We will begin our new sessions starting this month. Below are the dates and subjects we will be discussing.

  • January 21    7-8pm Zoom – Topic: Managing Stress with Mindfulness
  • February 4    7-8pm Zoom – Topic: Fighting Fair
  • February 18  7-8pm Zoom – Topic: Parent-Teacher Conversations
  • March 4        7-8pm Zoom – Topic: Helping Kids Deal with Fear

If you would like to sign up or have questions about the CASEL Social Emotional Discussion please email

If committing to every session sound like too much feel free to come when you can as we will send out the zoom invitation the Monday before our session.


Below are some comments from parents about the Social Emotional Discussion Sessions:

When I first heard, "The paper is white. Go sit in your chair..." in Heusner's first social emotional group 3 years ago, it forever changed my parenting style and how I relate to my kids. To ask Ms. Clayson about this skill, or for more life changing social emotional hacks, join our SEL discussion group!  

~Michelle Woody

One of my favorite sessions of the social-emotional group has been the one we talked about hopes & dreams we have for our children. It was a wonderful time to process the values with which we were raised and then what values we prioritize for our own children and what we most hope they will succeed in. Even having a background as a mental health nurse and knowing some of the foundational knowledge going into group, this was an excellent chance for me to be intentional about how I can directly influence my children's social-emotional health.  After each session, I felt I gained concrete skills to apply to our common struggles, such as communicating clearly about my own feelings and helping give my kids the tools to talk about their emotions, so that we can make a plan together. It was wonderful to get to exchange ideas with parents of different backgrounds and experience levels as well as with educators from Heusner who took time out of their week to go through this journey with us.  I'm very thankful for the social-emotional group and I am looking forward to future sessions!

~Melissa Calvillo

"Participating in the SEL group was a wonderful experience.  Forming relationships with other parents under the bond of our children and Heusner made me realize others share the same ups and downs.  Despite being separated with the pandemic, we were able to connect virtually and have meaningful, intimate discussions and learning opportunities.  Mrs. Clayson is such a great leader & the other parents and staff all worked together to apply the latest information on social and emotional well-being in our homes.  We all shared the same sentiment on the future of the group - to continue share and exchange ideas that will make us better parents and our children feel more secure.  We would love to have other parents join the group to continue to build relationships and exchange experiences in this open and relaxed dialogue. "

~Nate Davis