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Heusner History

            When Salina began to expand to the southeast in 1948, it became evident that a school soon would be needed for that area.  The Board of Education purchased a tract of 6.68 acres on which to build an elementary school.  The original plot was purchased at a cost of $4000.

            Heusner Elementary began when one class each of kindergarten through second grade met at Kansas Wesleyan University during 1949-50 while Heusner was being built. These students probably attended Lowell School prior to that time.

            The first unit was built and occupied in the fall of 1950.  It consisted of six classrooms, a kindergarten room and the office.  The original main entrance was the circle drive on the south side of the building.  That is why the address was formerly 425 East Jewell.

            The second unit was approved by the Board of Education in February of 1953 and was occupied on February 8, 1954.  It consisted of the multi-purpose room (now the library), kitchen and six classrooms.  The present main entrance was part of this addition.  During construction, classes were run in double shifts.

            The third unit was built in 1956 and added a second kindergarten and six more classrooms on the north end of the building which formed the “T”.

            The first library was located in the western kindergarten room.  Later the library was moved to two classrooms that are now room 11 and 12.  The wall between the two rooms was removed so that the library was the size of two classrooms.  When more classroom space was needed in 1990, the “cottage” library was built on the west side of the school and the wall between the two original rooms was rebuilt!

            In 1991,two rooms were added to the northwest side of the “T”.  In 1994, two more rooms were added; one on the northwest and one on the northeast.

            In November1998 voters approved a $98.8 million bond issue to update and expand schools in the district.  Heusner’s addition and renovation were part of the last of the phases of this multi-year project.  Construction on the addition started in the spring of 2002.  This new construction added areas for parking and bus loading; a multipurpose room for lunch, physical education and school programs; a kitchen serving area; classrooms for fifth grade;  and new classrooms designed for music and art.  The addition was occupied in December 2002. 

Renovation took place in the spring and summer of 2002 and included new flooring, paint, lighting, ceilings and phones in the existing classrooms; a new roof, air conditioning and a new heating and ventilation system; converting space into a new demonstration classroom; renovating office space for use by student support services; adding a computer lab; and remodeling classrooms for special education.   When the addition was completed in December2002, the old multipurpose room was converted into a larger library/media center and was finished in April 2003.  In August of 2003 the address was changed to 1300 Norton to more accurately reflect the location of the front entrance. An open house for the public was held on April 27, 2003.

The next bond was passed April 8th for 110.7 million dollars.  Heusner Renovation included 4 additional kindergarten classrooms (as all day kindergarten began), 1 special ed classroom, sensory room, storm shelter and remodeling of the autism room, conference room, and office.  Safe and secure entry was added to ensure controlled entry and increase school security.  Parking was added extending along the front of the school.

Mrs. Doris Wyatt was the first acting principal when Heusner Elementary was originally formed and met at Kansas Wesleyan during the spring semester of 1950.  The following fall, the original building was opened and classes were held.  Miss Erleen Lindeman was the principal the first year (1950-51).  The teaching staff included Mrs. Doris Wyatt, kindergarten; Miss Irene Ford, first grade; Miss Mary Agnes Haley, second grade; and Miss Lindeman, principal and third grade.

History of Heusner's Principals

Miss Erleen Lindeman  1951-1952

Harry Mcleod   1952-1965

Bill Bowman   1965-1968

Rex Fuller   1968-1970

Ted Roberts   1970-1991

Irvin Albin   1992-2000

Susy Reitz   2000-2006

Lori Munsell   2006-present


            Heusner was named for Mr. William S. Heusner who was Superintendent of Schools in Salina for 25 years from 1913 to 1938.