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What's happening in Music with Mrs. Cash?

Mrs. Cash
PreK: Use singing voices and move to the beat.
K: Use 4 voices (whisper/speaking/singing/brain or thinking voice); identify fast/slow; high/low; keep a steady beat; spatial awareness; long/short; same/different; quiet/loud.
1st: Continue on from kindergarten and add read/write/perform/create musical rhythmic patterns using so/la/mi quarter notes and eighth notes and quarter rests. 
2nd and 3rd: Continue on from 1st grade and further learning in reading and performing musical rhythmic patterns.
4th: Learning how to play recorders.
5th: Learning how to play ukuleles.


What's happening in P.E. with Mr. Schneck?

Information coming soon



What's happening in Library with Mrs. J?

Ms. J

Throughout the year, we practice library skills consistent with the Kansas Curricular Content Standards for Library/Information and Technology from the Kansas Department of Education.  During February, this focus includes making connections between inquiry and information research while we celebrate Black History month.  

The Heusner Library is home to thousands of books,
ranging from fiction to non-fiction, reference materials,
graphic novels, book series, and informative magazines.

Encyclopedia Brittanica

National Geographic Kids

William Allen White


 What's happening in Science and Social Studies with Mrs. Hoover?

Mrs. Hoover

In both Social Studies and Science, we are following KSDE standards by doing research based learning, a lot of hands on projects, and learning with technology.