Heusner math teachers...

  • Instill a love of math and a growth mindset in their students
  • Take risks and are willing to try new things
  • Are intentional about planning for instruction
  • Relate math to the real world
  • Incorporate games hands on activities to make learning math fun!


Your involvement in your child’s education can have a significant impact on his or her success in school.  Throughout the year, you will have opportunities to visit your student’s classroom during math and see them in action. Your student’s teacher will also send home parent tip sheets and easy to play at-home games that explain math strategies and models, provide key vocabulary, sample problems, and at home math suggestions. Take these opportunities to play and learn alongside your child!


Math at Heusner includes:

  • Whole Group Math, in which students are exposed to on-grade level standards
  • Small Group Math, in which students participate in teacher led centers as well as independent centers that are differentiated to each student’s math needs



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Thank you for your support of math at Heusner!

If you have questions, contact Jennifer Marshall, Heusner Math Coach.